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# Title: python-extrai-atributos
## Author: Hemerson Pistori
## Summary:
Code in python that extracts several attributes and generates an arff to be processed by weka. The goal is to extract all attributes implemented in OpenCV and in scikit-image.
### Extracted Attributes:
1. Attributes of Color RGB, HSV, Cielab (Mín., Máx., média e Desvio)
2. Shape descriptor, invariant to scale, translation and rotation: 7 Hu moments
3. Texture Attributes - GLCM (contrasts, dissimilarities, homogeneities, asm, energies, correlations)
4. Shape and orientation: HOG
5. Texture Attributes: LPB
## Dependences
### Linux
- kubuntu trusty 14.04.2 TLS
- Python 2.7.6
- scikit-image
- Opencv 2.7
### Windows
- Install [Anaconda]( "Contains all dependences".
## Install OpenCV
### Linux
Instructions: [OpenCV-Linux](
$ sudo apt-get install python-opencv
### Windows
- [OpenCV-Python](
1. Download [Opencv](
2. Extract Files for directory.
3. Go file opencv/build/python/2.7.
4. Copy file cv2.pyd para C:/Python27/lib/site-packeges.
5. Open CMD type it python.
6. Type it:
>>> import cv2
>>> print cv2.__version__
## Install scikit-image e arff
$ sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib ipython ipython-notebook python-pandas python-sympy python-nose python-pip python-networkx
$ sudo pip install -U scikit-image
For upgrad pip
$ python -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
## How to use
- Create a new folder inside the 'date' folder with your image bank
$ cd src
- Run the code that extracts attributes by passing the names of your image bank as parameter
$ python ./ name_your_image_bank
- The arff file will be generated inside the folder of your image bank
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