Commit a871871d authored by Gabriel Kirsten's avatar Gabriel Kirsten
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corrigido obteção do extrator de atributos
parent 537743f7
......@@ -544,7 +544,8 @@ class Act(object):
# Perform the feature extraction of all segments in image ( not applied to ConvNets ).
if self.classifier.must_extract_features():"Running extractors on test images... (%0.3f seconds)", (TimeUtils.get_time() - start_time))"Running extractors on test images... (%0.3f seconds)", (TimeUtils.get_time() - start_time))
fextractor = FeatureExtractor(self.extractors)
output_file, _ = fextractor.extract_all(self.dataset, "test", dirs=[tmp])"Running classifier on test data... (%0.3f seconds)", (TimeUtils.get_time() - start_time))
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