Commit d438c4f0 authored by Gabriel Kirsten's avatar Gabriel Kirsten
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Alterada a ordem de listagem dos classificadores
parent ec22f9ee
from .classifier import Classifier
from .weka_classifiers import WekaClassifiers
except Exception as e:
WekaClassifiers = None
print e.message
from .cnn_caffe import CNNCaffe
except Exception as e:
CNNCaffe = None
print e.message
from .cnn_keras import CNNKeras
except Exception as e:
CNNKeras = None
print e.message
__all__ = ["cnn_caffe",
from collections import OrderedDict
from util.config import Config
_classifier_list = OrderedDict( [
["weka_classifiers", Config("Invalid" if WekaClassifiers is None else WekaClassifiers.__name__,
WekaClassifiers is not None, bool, meta=WekaClassifiers, hidden=WekaClassifiers is None)],
["cnn_caffe", Config("Invalid" if CNNCaffe is None else CNNCaffe.__name__,
WekaClassifiers is None and CNNCaffe is not None, bool, meta=CNNCaffe, hidden=CNNCaffe is None)],
["cnn_keras", Config("Invalid" if CNNKeras is None else CNNKeras.__name__,
CNNKeras is not None, bool, meta=CNNKeras, hidden=CNNKeras is None)]
] )
def get_classifier_config():
return _classifier_list
def set_classifier_config(configs):
_classifier_list["cnn_caffe"] = Config.nvl_config(configs["cnn_caffe"], _classifier_list["cnn_caffe"])
_classifier_list["cnn_keras"] = Config.nvl_config(configs["cnn_keras"], _classifier_list["cnn_keras"])
_classifier_list["weka_classifiers"] = Config.nvl_config(configs["weka_classifiers"], _classifier_list["weka_classifiers"])
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