Commit e6d9ef8b authored by Hemerson Pistori's avatar Hemerson Pistori
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Coloquei em data o exemplo de como deve ser o arquivo para o teste ANOVA e Tukey

parent c19c9484
...@@ -619,8 +619,9 @@ class Act(object): ...@@ -619,8 +619,9 @@ class Act(object):
def run_training(self): def run_training(self):
start_time = TimeUtils.get_time() start_time = TimeUtils.get_time()
if self._const_image is None: # Training do not need an image opened (consider removing these two lines)
raise IException("Image not found") # if self._const_image is None:
# raise IException("Image not found")
if self.classifier.must_train(): if self.classifier.must_train():
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