Commit fe2f17a8 authored by Gabriel Kirsten's avatar Gabriel Kirsten
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Fixado o jdk e jre 8 e adicionado sudo nos comandos do pip

parent d424033a
......@@ -17,16 +17,16 @@ fi
echo "[PYNOVISAO INSTALLER] Updating apt-get..."
sudo apt-get -qq update
echo "[PYNOVISAO INSTALLER] Installing prerequisites..."
sudo apt-get -qq -y install libfreetype6-dev tk tk-dev python-pip default-jre default-jdk weka weka-doc python-tk python-matplotlib python-opencv
sudo apt-get -qq -y install libfreetype6-dev tk tk-dev python-pip openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jdk weka weka-doc python-tk python-matplotlib
source ~/.bashrc
echo "[PYNOVISAO INSTALLER] Upgrading pip..."
pip install --upgrade pip --quiet
sudo pip install --upgrade pip --quiet
# Numpy must be installed before installing javabridge
echo "[PYNOVISAO INSTALLER] Installing numpy..."
pip install numpy --quiet
sudo pip install numpy==1.14.5 --quiet
echo "[PYNOVISAO INSTALLER] Installing libraries..."
pip install -r requeriments.txt --quiet
sudo pip install -r requeriments.txt --quiet
printf "${YELLOW} \n======== WARNING ========\n"
printf "The Keras is necessary so that it is possible to use CNN. It is recommended to install the version for GPU processing (if available) but it is also possible to use CPU processing.\n"
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